EVRYNG Apparel

EVRYNG Apparel is an extension of Misled Youth; a photographic series I began in 2009. It is also an attempt to support admirable causes and enhance goodness in this world with the skills that I possess. As founder and CEO of the company, I designed all apparel products, many of which consist of my photographs and diverse text designs, and photographed each item in outdoor scenes, in addition to modeling various products myself. 

In regards to doing good with the skills that I have, 20% of all online sales are donated either to the Make-A-Wish Foundation or Save The Waves, and 0.5% of most online business purchases are donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The business itself is essentially a reflection of all that skateboarding is meant to be. That is the adventures it takes us on, the people it brings us to, and the constant goal setting that comes from the sport itself. 

Every article of clothing within EVRYNG is either screen-printed and/or hand sewn in Texas. The production of everything combined helped employ over twenty local craftsmen, models, seamstresses, and screen printers.

Additionally, all printed images from the look-books are shot on either large format 4x5 or 120 medium format Kodak Portra film. The decision to capture the entirety of this clothing line on film was made in order to give it the aura that it deserves. Film naturally emanates this aura, and Portra is by far my favorite color film. 

EVRYNG is currently based out of Beaumont and Austin, Texas. 

Website Link: evryng.com